A Japanse Restaurant Review


Teppanyaki Naniwa in Osaka, Japan is teppanyaki restaurant.This restaurant locates in Rihga Royal Hotel. Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food. Chef cooks in front of customers to show Teppanyaki in this restaurant. Customers can also enjoy watching how to cook. My family usually go to there on somebody’s birthday.




Appetizer were low fish (sashimi).They looked so beautiful and tidy. Even though they were fish but it was like a salad because they were really flesh.

Main dish



They started cooking vegetables, seafoods (lobster and abalone), Foie gras and steak. They fed us little by little, so we wouldn’t be full soon and we could taste well. Vegetable were just cooked with salt and paper ,so they were made use of taste of ingredients. Seafood (lobster and abalone) which taste was simple but they were really good, especially even I can’t eat lobsters, I could eat finish eating them. Abalone looked fleshy and thick, but it was soft to eat. Steak were so flesh and they weren’t thick at all, so my grand father who can’t eat thickness foods, but he could eat them. We could eat with 4 types of sauces with stakes.,one was soy sauce but rest of three sauces were secret. They put garlic chips beside of steaks. They didn’t have any bad smell of garlic.


After a while, they brought us garlic rice and miso soup. Garlic rice didn’t have too much garlic inside and miso soup was typical Japanese miso soup style, Akadashi. They were really good after we ate steaks and seafood.



Dessert was a strawberry mousse and yogurt. They weren’t too sweet at all, it was so delicious.

This restaurant is located in Hotel, so waiters were very polite and  my grand father who used a wheelchair, they helped him a lot. The chef was also really friendly, he explained about ingredients. They took me not as a child as a customer.

Teppanyaki Naniwa なにわ

Tel 06 6448 0302

lunch 11:30~14:30

dinner 17:00~21:00


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