My interest story

My significant memory about cooking is what I made lunch and supper for my mom. My mom’s job is really busy, she goes to work every day, after she goes back from her work she has to do house work. I don’t have my father, so My mom and I help each other a lot. However she always takes care of me and I realized I couldn’t do anything for her, so I decided to make supper and lunch more often.

This is a lunch which I made for her. In my country, Japan, we usually bring lunch with these type of lunch box. (It’s called bento box) They are really useful to bring and it’s good to keep food flesh. They’re very common lunch style in Japan.I put some grilled chicken (base flavor was tomato), some omelets which inside has see weeds and some boiled tomatoes and rice. I avoided to put too greasy foods and food which has juice because they might come out from the box before my mom eats. IMG_2705 IMG_2708

This is one day’s supper. We have a rule on the table, how to serve food, Basically, rice is supposed to be left side and soup is supposed to be right side, and couple of dishes. In Japan, this rule is very typical and we can eat healthy to follow this rule, img_01 IMG_7500

First I put rice on wrong side, so I switched↓ IMG_7543 I made vegetable rolls which is wrapped slice porks and fried eggs (It’s called Tamagoyaki, It’s like a Japanese omelet, I put some soy sauce with salt and paper), vegetable soup and stir fly. I didn’t try to cook a lot of times before I decided to help my mom, however I could be interested in cooking and I could reflect my diet, of course my mom was really happy to see them!


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