One Tourism Story about Kyoto


My Tourism story is about Kyoto,Japan. Kyoto is one of the top sightseeing spots in Japan. The city of Kyoto is located slightly west of central Japan and is a city with a long history. Kyoto was for a long time the cultural center of Japan. Kyoto’s food culture developed along with its history. Because central Kyoto is far from the sea, people in Kyoto had a difficult time getting fresh seafood. They focused instead on using the ingredients that were readily available to make dishes as delicious as possible, while developing new preparation techniques along the way.They have about 1200 years history and most of their foods are foundation of Japanese foods.

About 113,000 people form foreign counties visit this city in a year. You can see traditional Japanese culture and enjoy eating traditional Japanese foods in this city. I think Kyoto is the best place to see Japanese traditional food.

Although I’ve been to there a lot of times, I took Celia Costain (Grade 12) to Kyoto when she came Japan as an exchange student from Ldhss.


They have 17 world heritages in Kyoto.

There are many food booths everywhere, so you can enjoy tasting food walking around.


This is called Dengaku which is one of traditional Japanese foods. This is made from Tofu, and it’s baked a little bit and they usually put sauce (miso and a citrona small citrus fruit are mixed).It’s not a sweet but it’s one of traditional Japanese treats. It was sold about $3 there.


The restaurant where we went to eat lunch was really good place to see Japanese foods. We ordered $10 bento box (lunch box).They have sashimi(tuna),tempera (shrimp and some vegetables),roast fish(salmon) vegetables, fish pastes and steam rice.


All Vegetables which are used in this lunch were harvested in Kyoto, they are called Kyo-vegetables.


They are sold in Nishiki-Koji Market (Kyoto’s traditional market).They are really flesh.

Even Celia (from Ottawa) could also finish eating and she really enjoyed eating this lunch box. Especially she liked tempera, she said they weren’t so oily compared to deep fired foods.


We can see the nice view from the window with eating,

They are really popular desserts in Kyoto. They are all green tea parfaits($8-10). They change their menus each seasons. Their green tea ice creams are not better at all, so it’s easy for most of people to eat.


Especially I got this green tea parfait in spring, so they put some cherry blossom rice cakes with green tea ice creams.


This place is the most popular place in Kyoto to eat green tea parfait.

This place is a cafe but they mix traditional Japanese style and modern Japanese styles, so it’s easy for people to enjoy eating.


This is a coffee and  they put green tea a little bit but taste are really good and they weren’t bitter at all and appearance were also funny.

If you go Kyoto, I recommend you to get 1day ticket for the bus. Although they have trains, it’s a sort of hard to understand. If you take a bus, you can go around Kyoto efficiently .


fee of 1day bus pass

adult $12  child $6

If you stay in Kyoto, they have a lot of hotels for tourists. This hotel called “Kyoto travelers in” is a good hotel. They aren’t as expensive as the other hotels. They have free Wi-Fi systems and they also have a restaurant in their hotel. There are many tourists from foreign counties, so most of staffs can speak Englsih.

They are example for 1 room for 2 people for 3 days.

スクリーンショット 2015-05-25 21.53.35


They are comments about Kyoto from visitors from foreign countries.

“No matter what season you experience Kyoto, its cultural refinement and grace, complimented by abundant natural beauty, beckon you to delve first-hand into the wonders and charm that the city has to offer…

“The restaurant and the dining area is set in a beautiful green scenery that changes with the season.”


I think Kyoto has significants Japanese cultures for people not only for Japanese but also from foreign countries. No matter what season you should come to see Japanese beautiful in Kyoto.


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