One Cooking/Lab Experience

My cooking Experience is about egg. Although it’s hard for me to cook eggs, I really like cooking eggs. I’ve tried to cook some kinds of food which is used eggs.

I made this as spanish omelette, I put too much ingredients and I didn’t cut vegetables(carrots, potatoes and green papers) as small, so it was explored baking on the pan, but actually taste was good and the best thing was putting some cheddar cheese.


This is a tamagoyaki (Japanese style egg omelette)


I separated eggs as layers when I was baking, and I used a square pun, I put soy sauce,salt and sugar as an ingredient, taste was pretty good, i put sugar to make it a little bit sweet, but I think it was baked too much on the heat, because you can see brown part as you see in the picture. French omelette was first time for me to make in cooking class.


Especially, French omelette was pretty hard for me to make shape and the timing to put the pun away from heat, I heated eggs too much when I practiced cooking french omelette, so I put the pun away as soon as possible after eggs didn’t look runny, but inside was still runny and its color was not too bad, it wasn’t a French omelette.

I think poached egg was also hard, I thought we need to boil egg in oil to make poached eggs. The most interesting thing in making a poached egg was what we had to put salt and vinegar into boiled water. I was wondering why we needed to put vinegar. In one website, they say

“Egg whites need to be heated up to a certain temperature in order to coagulate.Lowering the pH (increasing the acidity) of the cooking liquid is one way to lower the temperature required for coagulation of the egg whites. So, in a way, this does prevent “feathering” of the eggs, but not because of any direct reaction; rather, the reason the eggs feather less is because they have less time to feather, because they don’t need to get as hot. Any acidic liquid will have a similar effect.”


First, when we put egg into the boiled water, yolk and white were separated. Chef told us when we make a poached egg, egg is supposed to be room temperature, but eggs were in the fridge,so I thought that’s why a egg was broken in the pot.

When I saw the egg in the boiled egg, what egg is changed very quickly was really interesting, I would like to cook a poached egg in my house again.

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